Thursday, October 27, 2016

Church Retreat and Youth Group Event

We had a great time at our Church Retreat last week-end.  It was at a beautiful conference center in the woods and near a beautiful lake.  130 from our church went.  It was very good and very challenging for my German language!  At times I was surprised by how much I understood and at other times I was surprised by how much I didn't understand! :0)

The Beautiful Conference Facility

Looking down from the facility to the playground and campfire site.
Leo and Vincent at the campfire!  Thanks to Leo for these pictures!
The Church around the campfire.
 Next Friday evening, November 4, we are having a "Youth Event" at our church.  It is specifically designed as an opportunity for the young people to invite their friends to hear the gospel.  We are having a special speaker, Rico Rau, a young father that broke his neck in a swimming accident.  You can watch a short, 5 minute video here. Although it is in German, it is pretty easy to figure out what they are talking about.
Please pray: 
  • For Rico as he speaks to our young people
  • For our students as they invite their friends this next week, that they will have boldness
  • That many of their friends will come
  • That the Spirit will use this time to bring all those present closer to God, whether they come not beleiving at all in God or wherever they are on their Spirtual Journey, that they will come away from this evening changed and more receptive to God
  • That the visitors who come would continue coming to youth group in the following weeks.
We are excited to see what God is doing here in Leipzig and look forward in anticipation to His continued work!

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