Saturday, September 26, 2020

Thoughts from a Grandmother

This will be the most unsurprising post from a grandmother. It will be filled with 3 things: 

First of all, God provided my visa to fly to Bangladesh! Thank you to so many of you for praying for that! It was such a privilege to be there. 

Secondly, we are now in the States, preparing to celebrate Jim's parents' 60th anniversary and our son, Nathan's, marriage to Caitlin Henry (I'm sure next blog post will be filled with pictures from that!) 

Lastly, pictures of Noah Ullash Samaddar and his incredible parents, Alpha and Emily. Really, there aren't all that many. Only a dozen or so!

So, without further ado...

Alpha, Emily and Noah

Alpha's first glimpse of Noah

Wrapped up in Grandma, Anjuli's Saris 

Ever notice how long you can just stare at a new baby?
When we ask Ember (the dog) where his puppy is, he runs over and licks Noah's feet!

Dressed up to match for the picture. Two minutes later he spit up all over his photo outfit!
Grandma, Anjuli and Grandpa, Arabindu

Yes, still looking!

The praying baby

Grandma (Omi), Mom and Smiley baby!

Looks like an angel holding him.

OK, last one (for now)

Stay tuned next post for wedding pictures!


deb said...

So beautiful and perfect! Congratulations, Grandma! Thank you for all the pictures, and I'm praising God that you were able to be there. Blessings and favor!

Vonie G said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful family!

Kristi Patty said...

Thanks for taking time to share these!! Can’t wait for the next installment!😍