Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Back in Germany and Emma Grace

Yes! We are back in Leipzig! It is so good to be home. We have reconnected with people every day, had youth group twice, and been to church twice! I am reminded again about how blessed we are to be here and with all the incredible relationships! 

Recent Game Night at Youth Group


Josiah Venture is very immersed in helping with the refugee situation. As of Saturday, March 26, Josiah Venture has sent 38 buses into Ukraine with over 92 tons of food, medical, and various supplies. The food brought and transported provided over 245,000 meals. Once the buses arrived, they are unloaded and returned, filled with refugees. We have five hubs where over 1,600 women and children have entered, been cared for, and are being placed in semi-permanent locations.
Since being back, Jim has driven almost 600 km helping move Ukrainian Refugees. There are many refugees here in Leipzig and we look forward to getting to meet some of them. 

At this moment, Josiah Venture has distributed over 65,000 printed booklets called "22 Days of Encouragement in Difficult Times" to Ukrainians. Every Psalm has a title at the top (such as "Hope") and an intro paragraph to prepare them for the Psalm. Pray that God's Word would speak powerfully to each soul who reads it. 

Summer Interns

We are also very excited that we will have 5 interns coming to help with camps this summer! Please pray that God will provide all the financial and prayer support they need to minister this summer, and that God will use them in a mighty way. 

They will arrive May 25 and after a week of training in the Czech Republic, will be with us until August 17. 

Emma Grace

I know that many of you have been praying for our precious granddaughter, Emma Grace. Here is the latest update from yesterday (March 28) from her mom, Caitlin: 

"Emma had her next procedure. She just came out of the operating room and is in recovery here. We are getting ready to move her to a room for over night. We are being told that we will most likely be able to go home tomorrow!
"Her procedure told us that she has still a very severe case, but we are attacking it head on. She doesn't have a large main pulmonary vein on her right side (since it detached) but there are two smaller ones that are trying to keep up. One of the smaller veins was open while the other was not, so a stent was placed in the unopen one to help it. So now Emma has two stents, one on each side of her heart. We are still praying for a miracle for her to keep her veins going." 

Please continue to pray for Emma, as the next few weeks and months are critical.

Emma after returning to her hospital room after the procedure.


Here are some prayer points:
  1. Continue to pray for Emma, that her blood vessels will grow strong, open, and flexible and stay attached to her heart.
  2. Pray for us as we continue to reconnect with people and our ministry here in Germany.
  3. Pray for our 5 Summer Interns, that they will raise all the support they need to come help with camp ministries this summer.
  4. Pray for the people of Ukraine, that God will protect them, that Believers will be strong be witnesses, and that the war will end.

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