Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fouth of July Cultures, Communities and Quirks!

Being from a small town in Colorado, Fourth of July was always a day to look forward to.  We would get on our bikes and head to downtown Loveland to watch the parade.  I loved scrambling after the candy thrown from the floats!  I would excitedly jump up and down and wave my flag back and forth as the Larimer County Queen would ride by in her glittery chaps and dazzling cowgirl hat, wishing I could be her!
In Loveland, you may very likely see the Budweiser Clydesdale coming up the street,
while in nearby Greeley, it would be Longhorns,
and there's nothing quite like watching the marching band in Steamboat Springs ski down the street!
Yet I experienced something this Independence day that I had never experienced before...the Anderson, Indiana Fourth of July Speedway Race!
There was the ear shocking cacophony of engine clamor, cars spinning out of control, a driver jumping out of his car to try to smash his fist through the window of the driver who caused him to crash, trailers with things such as a toilet or a couch strapped to them fishtailing behind pickups!  I never could have even imagined an afternoon like this, then follow it up with an incredible fireworks display and much laughter as we headed back to our friends' house to fall exhausted into bed and I think we had about the most perfect Fourth of July ever!  I love small-town America with all her various cultures, communities and quirks!  What a way to celebrate our independence!

I know they have the fourth day of July every year in Leipzig, but I have my doubts that it will look anything like Fourth of July in Indiana or Colorado.  I'll have to get used to fireworks on January 1 and "autobahns" (highways) that look like speedways, as they have no speed limit!  I know I'll miss much about living here in America, but I also am looking forward to experiencing the culture, community and quirks of living in Leipzig.

I would love to hear some of your Fourth of July traditions and memories!  I'm sure they're as quirky as mine!!

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