Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Tale of the Bobcat and the Baby Bird

What do a bobcat and a baby bird have in common?  They both make lots of noise and they were both in my back yard today!  I knew the bobcat was coming, but the baby bird was a total surprise!

This morning, our friend John Smith brought his bobcat and his crew to clear away the rubble the Bible Study Boys had left in our yard from the sun room demolition. He brought his bobcat, his dump truck and his crew!

That bobcat was SOOO cool!
It had a hammer...

a shovel...

and LOTS of noise! (Notice the ear muffs!) :0)
And the dump truck!

Way Cool!
So, it turned this...
into this!

So, what about the baby bird?  Yes, it was there all the the birdhouse right by the demolition sight!  As I went to check it out when it was done, I kept hearing loud peeping, and there that baby was with his mouth wide open, waiting for the dust to settle and his mother to come feed him.

And by the way...

I don't need the "ear muffs" for this noise, 'cause this the sweet sound of a job well done!

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