Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Buy, Fill, Gone

So, what do you do with all kinds of trash, including huge pieces of glass from our sun room?  I have many times in my life wished for a magic wand that I could wave over a mess and say "gone" and off it would disappear.  Well, that didn't EXACTLY happen today, but replace the wand with a crane on top of a trash truck, and you pretty will have it!!!

We were in the house early this morning when we heard the "beep, beep" of a large truck backing up. Sure enough, Jim ran out front and was able to capture the "disappearance" on his camera! 

Some of the Glass that went into "The Bag"

Some of the junk that went into "The Bag"...no, not Emily!

Guys filling "The Bag"




Poof...it's gone!!!!!
Now, if only the rest of the house packing were that easy!!! :0)

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