Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Coffee and My Front Window

One of my morning rituals is to stumble out of bed, brush my teeth and fall into "Mom's place" on the couch in our living room.  Yes, everyone in our family knows this is my place...and you can sit there, but if Mom enters the room, you better be prepared to give it up!

So, back to my mornings.  Before my eyes are fully open and focused, I sink into my place.  Jim always brings me a cup of coffee and acts like he is slurping the foam off as I protest, "Not the foam! Not the foam!"  This is my ritual to prepare me for my coffee time with Jesus.

One of the best things about this ritual is my front window.  Though the ritual hardly changes, the view drastically changes from season to season...and it always feeds my soul!  This has been one of the incredible blessings God has given me here in Illinois!  Whether it is bright snowbanks glimmering in the sun, a thunder storm filling our street with rain, vibrant fall colors splashed across the trees and shrubs, or my beautiful purple and yellow flowers filling the bottom frame of my window!  No matter what worries or stresses have followed me to bed, I look out my window and my soul becomes stilled and God fills it to overflowing!

Summer View
Winter View

 As I look toward living in Leipzig, I know one of the important things for me will be to live in a place where I will have a patch of outdoor beauty.  When my soul is full, I can overflow and minister to others.

Please pray with us, as we begin our search for a place to live in Leipzig, that it will be a place where we can minister and host others, where they will feel God's presence and peace.  Where Jim and I will feel at home and that God will give me a window to meet Him at for coffee every morning!

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