Thursday, June 5, 2014

Leaving Kansas with a Tap of My Sticky, Black Slippers

I have to admit that it felt more like Sticky, Black Slippers than Ruby Red Slippers by the time we got off of Megabus!  There was what looked like some sort of orange soda spilled on the seat and floor in front of me and an entire McDonald's Super-Size Coke spilled down the back stairs!  But I will tell you, our trip to Kansas was better than an any trip to Oz could ever be!

Jared with Noah, Carol and Richard Franz   
As we left our "little munchkin", Jared, at his future roommate's house in Peola, KS, we found out that the Franzes knew most of the people in the church we were going to be speaking at in Pierceville!  Talk about a small world!  They had lived in nearby Garden City and had serviced many of the farmers with their electrical repair business! 

Susan and Gary's Back Yard

Susan and Gary
Aunt Marge and Uncle Wayne
Our next stop was Abilene, KS to see my dad's only living sibling, Marge Barton, and her husband, Wayne.  They are both 91 years old and sharp as tacks!  We had a wonderful time listening to Uncle Wayne's stories from WWII as a tank driver and of how Aunt Marge and her beautiful red hair captured his heart!  It was a great time staying with my cousins, Susan and Gary Longenecker.  I still remember how beautiful she looked through my ten-year-old eyes when she got married!  By the way, I'm not sure how this is possible, but she is still as beautiful today!
 We had a wonderful time at Pierceville Federated Church and it was the first time Jim met our long-time supporters, Don and Marge Lear!  Jim spoke at the men's breakfast and I was able to share at the ladies' brunch on Saturday morning.  Sunday morning Jim had the adult Sunday School class and shared briefly in the morning service.                                                                               
Jim Speaking at Pierceville
The wonderful people at Pierceville
Sunday afternoon we headed to Wichita and stayed with my cousins Eric and Denise Melgren.  It was a special treat when they took us to the courthouse to show us Eric's chambers and courtroom where he is a Kansas Federal Judge.  What a beautiful old building!  Then it was to St. Louis and a visit with Jim's cousins, Tom and Judy Alston, and then we finished with my sticky, black slippers sticking to the Megabus floor!

All in all, it was a wonderful trip!  Today it was starting the sorting and purging process in our house...I guess we're not in Kansas any more, Todo!
Eric, Jim and Denise in Eric's courtroom

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