Saturday, June 7, 2014

Incredible Girls!

As we move off to our new adventure in Leipzig, Germany, I want to spend some of my time reminiscing about our wonderful time here in Elgin!  Today I was reminded again about the incredible girls in my high school house group.  I went to Panera to have coffee with Brittany Snowwhite, my co-leader.  Let me tell you about Britt.  The first time we met was almost 4 years ago, when she walked into a small group Bible study I was leading.  She was about a 2 month old believer at the time.  I have loved seeing her grow over the past 4 years, and we are even talking about her next steps...maybe Leipzig with us?!?!?

The girls in our group were Jr. and Sr. in high school.  I can't think of a better group I would like to have call me "Mama Miller"! 

Praying at House Group
Baking Christmas cookies in our kitchen
"Sharpie Dishes"
Abby, Angelica and Erika after their baptism
Making "Sharpie Dishes"
The whole group after the baptism
I am so proud of these young women and will miss them terribly!  What a blessing it has been to have them in my life!  So, Britt, thanks for having coffee with me today and for all the great memories!
Brittany Snowwhite

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