Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jim's coming home today to our new apartment!

Jim is doing great!  The doctor said that the surgery went well and that they were able to remove all the cancer!  He comes home today and I thought you might want to see what he is coming home to...our new apartment!!!!   Up one floor to our front door.

The Entry/Hallway

Walk down the hall past Jim's beautiful Valentine's present for Lina, or sit a while and take a rest!
To the left is the beautiful kitchen Jim worked so hard to finish putting in before he went to the hospital.  We started with four bare walls.  It also has a walk-in pantry and a balcony off the back that overlooks the parking/garden area.

The next room on the left is Lina's Office or the Guestroom you will stay in when you come visit us!
Across the hallway is our Bedroom.
Across from the kitchen is the beautiful Living/Dinning Room

It also has two bathrooms, one with a tub and the washer and dryer and the other one with a shower.  Jim also has an office, but right now it has kind of become our storage until we finish getting things organized.

We love it here!  God has given us so many great relationships and we feel very much at home.  Thank you so much for being a part of what God is doing here in Leipzig.  Come see us soon!


Unknown said...

Lina, It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Praise God Jim is cancer free! Praying for speedy recovery.

“I always thank God for you because of His grace given you in Christ Jesus.”
1 Corinthians 1:4

Coffee in Leipzig said...

Thank you, Ramona!!!

Unknown said...

YES! Thanks for great news, Lina! Milan

Ralph Ziegler said...

Thanks for sharing your good news (and beautiful new home!). Praying for good recovery and for Emily's upcoming wedding :). Love you guys! Ralph and Julie

Unknown said...

Looks so so so good! Seeing that kitchen blows my mind! You guys have done a ton of work!! Looking forward to seeing in person in the future!

KjenkinsJC said...

GOoD news for Jim! We will see your apartment in person someday..:-)

Unknown said...

That is wonderful news! Like your apartment - looks cozy and comfy.

deb said...

Yes, that is just like Jim to be worried about YOU, Lina, right after he's had surgery! Thank God the cancer has been removed. And coming home to that adorable apartment? I could live in just that entry/hallway! Bless you both.