Thursday, March 26, 2015

Emily's Wedding

The wedding was beautiful!  The bride was beautiful!  The mother of the bride was beautiful! ;0)

We got back to Germany and fast internet last night, so I want to get these pictures up right away.  I hope you enjoy them!
I LOVE this picture!  It captures them perfectly!
The room where the ceremony took place.

Alpha's mother being escorted to her seat by Alpha's brother, Upochoy.
Yep, that's me, the mother of the bride, being escorted by my handsome son, Jared.
Saying their vows
View from the back of the room
The Bridal Party.

Daddy-Daughter dance.  Notice her tears.
Bride and Groom dance.  Notice her smile!!!!
Alpha's family.
Our family minus Nate and Raine.  We sure missed them!
Emily adjusting her veil!
She's a beautiful bride!
Mr. and Mrs. Alpha Upohar Samaddar
Alpha singing to Emily
Had to include this one of Emily and me just before the wedding.
And one final fun picture!!

Thank you everyone for praying for us.  It was such a lovely and wonderful time.  We love Alpha and are so thankful to have him as our son-in-law!


Ralph Ziegler said...

Thank you for letting us share in the wedding visually! What a memorable day; you are a beautiful mother-of-the-bride, and I can't believe how much Emily looks like you in the photo of her with Jim!! Love you ~ Julie

Amy Ellenwood said...

Loved every single one! What a beautiful day, beautiful bride, and beautiful beginning!! Thank you for this sweet glimpse of God's goodness.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing! What a beautiful day it turned out to be. It is so special to see loved ones so happy. Congratulations to the entire fam and to the happy couple!

Unknown said...

Oh my heart! Thanks for sharing your beautiful day! Sending my love and prayers to Emily and Alpha!

deb said...

So so beautiful! Emily is lovely. Thank you so much for posting all these for us, Lina. Can you believe it? Emily is married! May God pour all joy and protection on them.