Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Celebration!!!

I have to share the pictures from our Easter Celebration!  12 of us from our German language class gathered at our home to share the celebration...and it was like no other Easter celebration I have ever attended!  We were from 5 different countires (Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Egypt, Syria, US and, of course, our token German!), ate Greek and Arab food with American pies for dessert and even got in some Frisbee at the park!!!!  What a great time!!!!  Enjoy the pictures and short (27 second) video of the international Fresbee game!!!
Sherif and and Stephania helping set up!

Stephania (from Cyprus) and I cooked her traditional Greek food the day before from 5pm until 1am!  I kept saying, "My, this is labor intensive!"  But it was SOOOOO worth it!  What a delicious meal!  We had Stuffed Grape Leaves, Moussaka and a delicious Chicken and Rice dish prepared by Amer (from Syria)!
Stuffed Grape Leaves simmering away, with Jim's incredible Cinnamon Rolls in the background!
Getting ready to sit down to our delicious meal!
Amer is the second one in.  He prepared the Chicken and Rice dish in the foreground and brought the beautiful flowers!!!
The eating begins!

As you can see, there is plenty of food!
 Can you tell from the Video that Jim is from California and the rest of us are not!!!  (And I don't mean because of his amazing sun tan!)

 Thanks to Sherif (from Egypt) for all the pictures and video!!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Youth Event!

We are very excited that this Friday, April 1, is the first of two Youth Events for outreach with our youth group. We have been preparing for these evenings over the last year in the teachings at youth group.  At the beginning of 2015, the youth evenings were focused "My Relationship with God". Then, in the Fall the focus was on "My Relationship with Other Believers", and the beginning of this year, the focus was "My Relationship with Non-Believers".  These two youth events are a culmination of those studies and the young people have been praying specifically for their friends and have invited them to the events.  Here is a copy of the flyer:

The Flyer reads: "I do not believe in God.  Or only partially.  Maybe yes.  Or in higher beings?  Or maybe not.  Who can know if there is a God! ...Curious?  Interested to learn more?  Then you are invited in a relexed atmosphere with young Christians and Pastor Thomas Arhelger with the Themes:  'Is there a God over all?'... 'One God - Many Ways?'  With discussion to follow."

Please pray ...
...That many teens will come, especially the friends that the young people from the youth group are inviting.
... That those who come will be challenged to think about God and want to learn more about him.
... That those who come will feel accepted in the youth group.
... For Thomas, our pastor, as he prepares the talks - that God will use him to speak to the hearts of the teens.
... That we will put the two evenings deliberately in God's hands  and expect him to move.
... That the evenings will be for God's glory!
We are excited to see what God will do!