Saturday, May 23, 2020

Personal Time During Isolation

I've given you a window into what ministry time looks like for us under lock-down, but...and I know this will surprise you...I also have been doing some fun personal things during this time.

As you know, Emily and Alpha are expecting, so I have been able to merge two of my favorite things into my free time...creativity and babies!!!!

Emily on their rooftop, starting her third trimester.
So, the sewing machine has come out, and not just for my grandson, but for other babies as well!

It all started while we were in Bangladesh over Christmas. Emily and I each made a quilt, then I just couldn't stop! So here is a quick window into my happy times here:

So, this is the Bunny/Heart quilt before baby.

And this is after baby!!! This is Hannah Abigail Roney, daughter of David and Katka Roney! But just wait...there's more!

Dream Big quilt before baby...
And this is after baby! Timothy David! Hannah's twin brother!!! Soooo precious!!!

This is a puff quilt I made for our little grandson as a floor mat for him to lie on to soften their tiled floors! Pooh Bear is trying it out!
This is the quilt Emily made for her little boy while we were there over Christmas, with some fabric I brought from the US, as well as some from Bangladesh! A mixture of the two, just like he will be!!!
And of course, you can't have a lock-down without pulling out an old UFO (Un-Finished Object). Yes, this was started when Nate and Emily were toddlers and, hopefully, will be finished today!
Emily and I also had fun doing an online class together making these two cuties!

My Brother Fox
Emily's Puppy Dog
So, what is next? I'm starting a 30 day quilt challenge, making 1 square a day for 30 days. But don't worry, it should only take me about 130 days, since I DO need to continue working, too! So, this is what is it supposed to look like when it's through. I'll let you know, but don't hold your breath!!! 

By the way, if you would like to participate in an online shower I am doing for Emily, you can find her Amazon Baby Wish List here

Just be aware that this is the Amazon German site. To translate it into English, click the icon to the right of the search bar at the top of the site. We are asking that you stick to the list, as I will be taking the items over and have a weight limit (and you know how that is with all these quilts to take!!) You can also purchase a Gift Card on the wish list. It is called "Geschenkkarte".

Also, we would love to have you send a gift of words for Emily, Alpha, and their baby, a childhood memory, a memory of one of your children, a blessing, a prayer, advice, etc. We will be putting these in a book for her. You can send it to my email here.

So, have some fun in your own happy places during this crazy, beautiful time!!!