Saturday, June 8, 2019

Urgent Prayer Needed!

We are feeling the full-force of the enemy's attack against the ministry God has called us to this summer. Our 3 interns have arrived, we have 3 camps planned for the summer, but Satan is trying to shut things down.

Yesterday we got word that the youth pastor for our second camp, July 20-26, was in a car accident and they are feeling that they should cancel the camp. We also got a call from the leaders of our third camp, August 4-11, saying that they feel that they may have to cancel their camp, as we only have 2 kids signed up and the principle of the local high school, where we have already done outreach for the camp, has said that we are not allowed to come on to campus again before camp.

This is not surprising as to the timing. This week is Pentecost, the day Jesus sent His Spirit! They actually celebrate Pentecost here in Germany, but Satan has twisted it into his own holiday. Leipzig becomes the largest Gothic gathering in the world.  According to Leipzig's city website it is  "the world's largest meeting of the "black scene", which takes place annually since 1992 at Pentecost in Leipzig and attracts around 20,000 guests from all over the world."

This couple was the most disturbing for me, seeing the bondage the lady submitted herself to. It is such a picture of the bondage Satan has over the people here!
Satan wants the young people of Germany for himself, be we are asking you to stand together with us against his schemes! We know that God has called us to promote His Kingdom this summer and to tell young people about Him!

Pray with us that these camps will not be canceled and, in fact that there will be such an outpouring of God's Spirit over the youth of eastern Germany that we will know that it is only because of God's power!