Wednesday, July 31, 2019

God Continues to Amaze!!!

So, the roller coaster ride continues, but it is definitely getting fun! Our camp last week was a twice-cancelled, and finally-realized camp! EXACTLY God's plan!

We had 9 teens, at least 4-5 of which were not believers and had never even really heard about or thought about God! How fun to see these kid warm up in the highly relational atmosphere and begin to ask incredible questions!

Some of the teens in English Class
The Incredible Band! During the last session, we went around and had the teens share their favorite parts of camp and almost all of them included the Singing! How incredible to hear all of them singing Praise and Worship songs!
They LOVED playing "American Baseball"! We played it most every day with only one split-eyebrow, ball-in-the-face injury! 

Fun surprise, we didn't know until our first face-to-face meeting with the team that this man, Thomas, former associate pastor at our church here in Leipzig, is the pastor of the church we were partnering with for the camp!!!
Please, pray for the teens that attended the camp, that they will continue on their quest for God. We fell in love with these kids!

We leave tomorrow for another cancelled, now-scheduled camp! Pray for our time there that God will use us, will speak to the teens, and that He will renew our strength!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Answers Coming In!

So many of you wrote to tell me you were praying after my last post! Thank you! I am just now updating you because it seems that every few days, our summer changes!

We did a week-end retreat with a church in Magdeburg, near one of our canceled camps. What an exciting time! There were about 15 teens there, most of which were not believers! We will be doing more follow-up with them.

Teens from our Magdeburg Week-end.

Pavel, one of our interns, sharing his story.
Everyone excited for Jim's BBQ!

Ready to serve it up!
Teens during one of the talks.

 This past week we finished our first week-long camp. This camp was in the Brandenburg area and draws from 4 communities, only one of which has a church with a pastor. This was very exciting, as we have been training the teens to run their own youth groups the past 2 years. The camp had 31 teens, about half of which are not believers and some who have never even thought about God before this week! It was so incredible to see most of them come to the individual churches in their villages the day after camp finished!

Lina speaking at evening program

Yes, that was Jim and Lina 30 years ago...Really, I was using it as an illustration!
Of course, messy games!
The girls dressed up for Banquet Night

Western Night!

Campers glued broken pieces to a cross during our afternoon Labyrinth experience.

Broken pieces

Campers in Zeesen on Sunday after Camp

Campers at Guben church on Sunday

Campers at Eisenhűttenstadt church

Campers at Cottbus Church
Please, continue to pray. We will be doing a small 5-day camp next week and we are hoping to do more follow-up with each of the campers from all the camps over the next few weeks.

No, summer is not turning out how we originally planned, but we are CERTAIN it is turning out how God is planning!!!