Tuesday, August 1, 2017

English Camp - Double the Size, Double the Fun!!!!!

What happens when you take some amazing youth group kids, mix in some totally awsome new teens, add a few extraordinary refugees and drop them into a camp led by an excited team from a Colorado church, some passionate German staff, three totally serving interns, a middle-aged missionary couple and most importantly, the Spirit of God? INCREDIBLENESS!!!!! (By the way, this is a totally American description of the camp with all the superlatives!)

We had an incredible week at our Ring Cafe English camp! The pictures will attest to the FUN, but what can't be shown is the work God did in hearts! Two campers came to Christ, while others made strong movement in their Christian lives!

Here's a small glimpse into the week!

Frisbee time!

A few of the girls! Even more beautiful than the scenery!
This is a "normal" picture of an English camp. Yes, Levi (in the back row) is normally that way!

OK, never mind, this is normal!!!!!

Time to eat!

The dining room was pretty full!

So, what's Benni doing with the balloon?

BBQ night with Jim and Craig at the BBQ!

I'm not sure if this was BEFORE or AFTER the climbing wall!
Thank you so much for your partnership! We head to our last camp in Cottbus, Germany next week (our first camp was in Ukraine). Please, continue to pray that God will use these camps! And, consider joining us next year! :0)