Saturday, December 29, 2018

Tearful Goodbyes, Festive Parties, and Exciting News!

I've already told you how incredible our interns were this summer, but let me say it again! We were so blessed by the five of them and even more blessed to have two of them, Rachel Berkebile and Tim Jurgensen, stay for 5 1/2 months! During the fall, Rachel started a youth group in a church plant in the city of Burg, and Tim trained student leaders in two youth groups in churches with no pastors! We asked an awful lot of them, and they both rose to the occasion magnificently!

Their internships ended and we had to say goodbye to them at the airport on December 11th. It's very lonely around here without them. They have each left a big hole, but also trained the youth themselves to carry on with the youth groups now that they are gone. Jim and I will be traveling 2 week-ends a month to continue the training and encouragement of these youth groups and their young leaders!
Saying goodbye to Rachel and Tim and the airport. Don't let the smiles fool you--there were plenty of tears!

With the German crew who surprised them by showing up at the airport to say goodbye!
Before they left, we had some fun Goodbye and Christmas parties with the youth groups, including this "Ugly Sweater" party in Guben!

Now, for the EXCITING NEWS!!!!
Rachel Berkebile, our Extended Summer Intern, has applied to come full-time!!!! We could not be happier!
Prayer Points:

  • Pray for Rachel as she begins her support raising process that she will be able to join us here this fall!
  • Pray for Jim and me as we travel the 2-3 hours twice monthly to continue the training of the young student-leaders now that Rachel and Tim are gone. 
  • Pray that the 5 youth groups we are working with will thrive and grow.
  • Pray for the 3 German young people we will be talking to on Monday, January 7, about joining our team as Summer Interns this coming year.
  • Pray for our two new American Summer Interns, Joel Akers and Claire Walters, as they prepare for coming this summer to serve with us. Pray that their support will come in quickly and that they will have servant hearts as they enter into this process.
Thank you!