Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Quick Health Update

I just wanted to let you know that Jim's Nuclear Bone Scan showed that his bones are clear of any cancer!  Praise God!  His MRI results are being sent directly to his doctor where we will get the results at his appointment on January 27 and they will discuss what come next.  Please, continue to pray!

Our testimonies went well on Sunday.  Jim did his whole thing in German and I did the first 4 sentences in German then a dear lady at the church translated the rest.

Along with Jim's appointment on January 27 at 5pm, we are also getting the keys to our new appartment at 8:30am that day!  I am so excited!

So thankful for you all!

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Unknown said...

Hooray! This is all such good news and coming at the perfect time! I'm excited for you. Especially Jim doing his whole testimony in German -- I am so impressed, Jim!