Thursday, April 9, 2015

Chief Among Non-Believers

I ran across an article in Spiegel Online a couple of days ago called, Chief Among Non-Believers: Only the Old Embrace God in Former East Germany, that helped me understand anew why we are here in Leipzig.  Many of you have been praying for us the last week-and-a-half as we have felt the attack of the enemy.  I know he would like to defeat us, because the work here is great.  But God...  Yes, we know we are called and this article gives a vivid picture as to why.  You can read the entire article here if you would like, but let me share some of the statistics that were in the study that was cited.  Many countries are included in the study, but you will notice that the eastern part of Germany is IN EVERY CASE either the highest or lowest percentage, depending on the question.

Here are some of the results of the study for the eastern part of Germany compared to the USA:

Agreeing to the statement:

                                                                                       Eastern Germany                        USA

"Certain God Exists"   - Ages 28 and under                              0%                                      53.8%
                                     Ages 28-35                                     6.5%                                      59.4%

"Never Believed in God" - Ages 28 and under                     71.6%                                       6.7%
                                         Ages 28 - 35                              63.6%                                      5.5%

"Agree God is Personally Concerned" - 28 and under             6.0%                                   65.6%
                                                         Ages 28 - 35                6.8%                                   64.6%

" Strong Belief in God" - Over-all age group                           2.5%                                   35.0%

"Strong Atheists"- Over-all age group                                   46.1%                                     1.2%

Please, continue to pray for us and we will continue to pray for you, as we all have our jobs cut out for us!


Unknown said...

Will certainly pray for Jim and you to be at the right place and time to share your faith in God to those who are seeking for hope, truth, and love.

Unknown said...

I did not realize the percentage of disbelief in God is that low in eastern Germany and among a younger generation than myself. "All things are possible with God."