Friday, September 18, 2015

Just Finished A.1.!

No, I'm not talking about that "bold, savory sauce that makes any food better".  Our A.1. did not include raisin paste or orange purée. (Wow!  Did you even know those things are in A.1.?  I've liked it all these years and I don't even like raisins!  Good thing I didn't know...)

Our A.1. included vocabulary, grammar and those irritating little articles!  Come to think of it, I don't really like those either, but I guess you sometimes have to add previously scorned ingredients to make a "bold and savory" end product! 

So, we finished our A1 German course and, according to my German friends, "A good horse doesn't jump too high".  I think they were trying to encourage me about my "skin of the teeth" pass, but then again...

Jim's German class on A1 graduation day!

Jim is now in A2 and I am taking a 2-month study break to finish two papers I have due for my Masters courses.

Last Friday we had a "Grill and Chill" in the park with our youth group.  Although it was a beautiful day, I'm not sure any of us were taking the shorter days into account.  We ended up finishing our grilling by all of us huddled around the grill, shining our smartphone lights on the meat to make sure it was done!  It was a great time!  (And we didn't even have any A.1.!)  Jim shared his testimony ALL IN GERMAN, with smartphones shining on him like spotlights on a splendid stage!  He did an incredible job, worthy of the smartphones!

Selfie with some of the youth group girls!
We leave tomorrow morning for our Fall Conference where we will, among other things, start thinking about our English Camps for next summer!  We would LOVE to have some of you come join us for this!  We'll be getting out more information as soon as we can.

As you think of us, please pray that we will continue to grasp more and more of the German language so that our lives will be "bold and savory" to those we come into contact with here!


Joel and Ellen Hopkins said...

Do you have Jim's testimony on video by any chance? Great to hear what God is doing with you guys!

Coffee in Leipzig said...

Bummer! I don't think anyone recorded it! We'll have to remember it for next time. Miss you guys!

Jeanine said...

Oh my gosh, Lina. Your (God's!) bright lights shine all the way to Elgin. You and Jim bless me with your bottomless love for our awesome Father. Miss you.