Sunday, February 7, 2016

Pray for It and They Will Come!!!!

We are so excited about our first ever Josiah Venture GERMAN Evangelistic English Camp!  That's right!  July 16-23 we embark on this adventure!  Check out this location!  It is the YMCA (CVJM) facility about 1 1/2 hour south of Leipzig.
Where we will be staying.
An indoor climbing wall!

A great high ropes course!

 The camp can hold up to 85 people and we need at least 55 to reserve the whole place.  We are praying that at least 35 of those will be high school students.  Jim is volunteering one day a week at a local high school, helping out at in the English department, so we are praying that many of the students will come from there, as well as our own youth group kids and their friends!  This is very exciting!  There are SO MANY teenagers here in Leipzig that need Jesus and this is an incredible venue in which to introduce them.

We are also very excited that Lifepoint Church in Fort Collins, Colorado will be sending a team of about 10-15 people over to help us with the camp.  This is the church Lina grew up in and they have been our faithful supporters since she left the first time for the field back in 1987!!!!!  How exciting to now have them come over and experience first-hand how God is using them and us together in His ministry!  That's one of the fun things about being a missionary, we aren't doing this alone, God has provided a WHOLE TEAM of people working with us and so many of you are a part of this team through your prayers and your finances!!!

We will also have 2 interns from the US and, prayerfully, one from here in Germany (Steffen) working with us for the whole summer.

We continue to work on the German language and serving with the youth group at the church. Jim has started two Bible Read Through Groups with high school students and is discipling 5 guys.

Also, in December Steffen finished translation work on Josiah Venture training material for youth leaders and volunteer staff!  This is very significant!  He has done all of this on a voluntary basis and we are so thankful for his work and the many, many hours he has put into this!

Please pray:
  • that God will bring at least 35 students to attend the camp!
  • that God will open the way for some of our German youth staff and kids from our youth group to attend the camp - this is very important, as we do not want this to end when camp is over, but want the new students to be comfortable in our youth group so they can be followed up!
  • that all those involved in the camp will experience the work of God in their lives!
  • that God will open the door for Steffen to be an intern with us this summer, as we need to figure out a lot of the German laws and how to receipt donations for him!
  • for Jim, Lina and Steffen as they get everything prepared for the camp in the next few months!
Thank you for your prayers and support!  Continue to pray for the teenagers of Leipzig!


Unknown said...

How cool is that!

Unknown said...

what a wonderful event

Unknown said...

The camp sounds wonderful and how great to have the participation of the Colorado home church!

Unknown said...

Hi Jim and Lina! A couple of my daughters and myself are thinking and praying about joining you in this awesome opportunity! My youngest daughter is 14 years of age and is concerned that she would not be effective in ministering to the German students who will all be 17-18 years of age. Please pray for us and give us direction as necessary. Thanks for your partnership in the gospel!