Thursday, October 6, 2016

Finally Back Home!

We are finally back home in Leipzig after a wonderful and whirlwind time in the States!  What fun it was to see so many of you!

We started out with a Family Reunion.  Over 40 of us together in the Colorado mountians to help celebrate my mom's 80th birthday!

Me and My 5 Sibs with Mom!  Left back: Tim, Bart, me, Mark  Left front: Lara, Mom, Leslee
After that Jim and I got to spend some time with just our kids.

Nate, Raine, Emily, Alpha, Jared and Me in the beautiful mountians!

Then it was an open house and report about our ministry at LifePoint Church in Ft. Collins.

Next we were able to head up to Idaho to spend time with Jim's family.  This is cheating, but here are some pictures for those of you who have not seen them in awhile.

Jim's parents.  Jerry and Evelyn Miller

Jim's sister's family.  Noland and Judy Johnson, Alan, Cody and Kyle
Next we were in California visiting churches and, of course, seeing Jim's brother's family.

Jim's brother's family.  Lisa, John, Jordyn and Jena
Then it was to Chicago visiting Christ Community Church and many friends and supporters.  We are now we are back in Leipzig, just in time for our youth retreat this past week end.

Lina's team on a scavenger hunt in the beautiful city of Erfurt

Well, that's the quick version. We feel so blessed for the time we got to spend with family and friends!  And now we look forward to settling back in to life and ministry here in Leipzig.


Jeanine said...

What a wonderful time. It warms my heart that you were able to connect with family and friends. I will pray for God's counsel as you work on Leipzig. In Him (to the max!) Jeanine

Jeanine said...

(in) Leipzig. Yeesh.